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Hackney  Tennis Wimbledon Sweepstakes

Hackney Tennis Wimbledon Sweepstakes

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About the Hackney Tennis Wimbledon Sweepstakes

Hackney Tennis is raising money for an Honour Board which will be on display in the Clissold Park Tennis Pavilion as a celebration of our club champions over the years.

To help us get there, we are running a Wimbledon Sweepstake. This involves people purchasing tickets to go into a draw for players names. If you are lucky enough to draw the eventual winner or runner-up of the men’s and/or women’s competitions at Wimbledon this year, you will receive a cash prize. Holders of the eventual champions will receive £50 and of the runners-up in each draw £25. This is a great way to get involved in the Wimbledon Championships.

To enter, click the Wimbledon Sweepstakes option below, and for £6 you will go into the draw for 2 x men’s players and 2 x women’s players. Tickets are also available in the pavilion.

After the final Wimbledon draws are announced, on Sunday July 1, Hackney Tennis will run the Sweepstakes draw. As soon as we are able, players names and the name of the person who holds them will be posted on this page and will be up on the notice board in the Clissold Park Tennis Pavilion.

See which players you have drawn here

Click below for the list of players drawn so far. We’ll continue to update this daily up until Friday.

Hackney Tennis Wimbledon Sweepstakes Draw as of 6th July 2018

Get your tickets here and Good Luck!

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