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Daniela is a passionate and successful User Experience/Design director from Italy, who after wandering around Europe for a while, landed back in London about 6 years ago.

In her career, Daniela has designed for companies such as Vodafone, Yell and Three, working across a range of industries and channels delivering beautiful and engaging products for mobile, mobile application, desktop and website. She also has experience in brand and product positioning, marketing and communication. Daniela has been driving digital transformation in companies like Vodafone, Hibu and Thomsons Online Benefits, managing stakeholders at all levels of organisations at Fortune 500 companies, across Europe, Asia and North-America.

But most important of all, she is a super keen tennis player, who wants to support the sport in all forms. Daniela started playing when she was 6 years old continuing to train until injuries and university forced a break from tennis. After moving to Stoke Newington 4 years ago Daniela got back into Tennis and wonders how she could have been so long without it. Since then, Daniela has been part of the women’s first team, the mixed team and lately the Vets and has been involved as team captain.

Daniela is passionate about tennis techniques and coaching as she believes everyone can improve given the right guidance. She would like to help adult tennis and get as many people involved in this wonderful sport that can get you fit and healthy as well as give you the opportunity to meet wonderful people. 

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