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Hackney Tennis Membership

The primary goal of Hackney Tennis Membership is to allow access to competitive tennis, for local junior and adult tennis players. Your Hackney Tennis club membership also makes you eligible for free (Child or Lite) British Tennis Membership (BTM) and the benefits it offers.

We have a set membership year running from 1st October – 30th September. Hackney Tennis is introducing FREE membership from October 2019 with a one off administration fee of £5.  This will be applicable to ‘all’ members whether junior or adult.

You do not need to become a member of Hackney Tennis in order to access courts or courses, however we encourage all those participating in tennis whether a casual player, competitive player, junior or parent of junior, to join us, benefit from the membership and get involved.

In addition to the new free membership a number of player packages are being developed. The following Membership packages are being developed.


  • Free Junior Membership – (there is a one-off £5 administration fee for the first year) this is for Juniors of all ages who are NOT currently involved in Hackney Tennis squads but who would like a British Tennis Membership in order to compete and/or be more involved in Hackney Tennis
  • Free Adult Membership – (there is a one-off £5 administration fee for the first year) this is for adult players who wish to compete, participate in teams on an ad hoc basis, have an interest in Hackney Tennis due to other connections such as their children and/or are interested in the other benefits of a membership (see below). This is NOT suitable for regular team players or Box League players who should look to the Registration packages below which include your club membership.

Membership and Registration Packages*

  • Junior & Mini Squad Registration – this is by invitation only and is a requirement of squad participation and includes membership
  • Box League Registration – this is an annual £30 fee for participation in the Hackney Tennis Box League, including up to four Box League seasons. This registration fee applies throughout the membership year, regardless of how many seasons a player competes in within a year. Your annual club membership is included in this fee.
  • Adult Team Registration includes 3 options:
    • Annual Adult Team registration for £75 includes your annual club membership and absorbs the set-up fee, eligibility for team selection, eligibility for team training, and all match fees for the year.
    • Seasonal Adult Team registration for £40 includes your annual club membership and absorbs the set-up fee, eligibility for team selection, eligibility for team training and all match fees for that season (Winter or Summer).
    • For players who cannot commit to a season but who might be called up to play a team match on the odd occasion, you may simply pay the £10 one-off match fee payable via the adult competition page. You will need to sign up to the free Adult membership (see above) to be eligible to play for the club and for team training.

Scroll down to ‘How to Join or Renew’ to find out more and sign up.

*Hackney Tennis reserves the right to alter membership and registration packages.

Members are bound by the Hackney Tennis Code of Conduct:
Click here to read the Hackney Tennis Code of Conduct

Hackney Tennis membership benefits:

  • Entry into the Hackney Tennis Wimbledon ballot for adults and juniors
  • Participation in the Hackney Tennis ladders and Box Leagues
  • Eligibility to be selected for Hackney Tennis teams and access to associated training
  • Eligibility to enter the Annual Hackney Tennis Tournament
  • Eligibility to enter the Annual Junior Road to Wimbledon Tournament
  • 10% off room hire at the Clissold Park Tennis Pavilion
  • Membership of the Hackney Tennis Company including the right to elect and stand for the Management Board.
  • Access to free British Tennis Membership.

British Tennis Membership benefits:

  • Entry into the Hackney Tennis BTM Wimbledon ballot
  • British Tennis rating
  • Regular communication and offers from the LTA

How to join or Renew

  • Select the appropriate member option or registration package below
  • Follow the directions, log-in or register with the booking system when prompted, complete the form and continue to payment

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Getting your British Tennis Membership

As a Hackney Tennis member you are entitled to free British Tennis Membership. There are a number of options available for your British Tennis Membership, more information is below.  NB: the LTA lists Hackney Tennis as ‘Hackney City Tennis Clubs’ in Middlesex. This is the venue you need to enter as your ‘Club or Venue’.

Join as a Free Child member

All children aged 4-10yrs can sign up for a free Child British Tennis Membership. This gives them a British Tennis Rating enabling them to compete in competitions, get regular online communication and have access to exclusive flash sales on Go to the LTA website to sign up.

Join for free as a Lite Member

As a Hackney Tennis member, you can get a free British Tennis Membership (BTM) by joining as a Lite Member. This is for Juniors (11-17 yrs) and Adults (18+). This will give you access the British Tennis Wimbledon Ballot, allow you to compete with a British Tennis Rating and will help you stay on the ball with the latest news in British Tennis. Go to the LTA website to sign up.

Become a ‘Team Member’

The LTA has introduced a new ‘Team member’ membership option. As a Team Member you’ll be giving back to the grassroots of the sport you love, whilst receiving some great benefits in return. Hackney Tennis adult members can access the LTA registered club discounted annual fee of £20. Junior Team Members pay £10 for the year. To find out more about the benefits of becoming a Team Member go to the LTA website.

What happens if you already have a BTM number?

If you’re new to Hackney Tennis but already have a BTM simply go to your ‘Members Home‘ on the LTA site, go to Membership and add Hackney City Tennis Clubs in the ‘Your Venues’ form.

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