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Hackney Local Company Cup

Hackney Tennis is proud to introduce its new Hackney Local Company Cup. This is a unique opportunity for local employers and employees to learn to play tennis, have fun and compete as a team in some friendly local competition. 

How does it work?

Each week an LTA qualified coach will lead an hour’s game-based coaching session, for owners, managers and employees of local companies or organisations aged 35 or over. This will be followed by an hour’s match play where players get to score ‘league’ points for their company for each match they participate in and for each set of tennis they win. This will be recorded on the Hackney Tennis box league web page.

Who can participate?

Up to 2 players from 6 different companies can attend the coach and match play session each week; these 2 players can be different employees from the same company each week. Companies will also have the option of sending different players to each hour of the same session.

Players do not need any experience playing tennis. The coaching session in the first hour is designed precisely to help those who are completely new to tennis, or inexperienced, to understand the game and learn how to serve, rally and score.

Hackney Tennis is contributing court time and provision of balls and equipment, which means players can just show up to the session without needing to bring any balls or rackets with them.

Prizes and accolades

At the end of the ‘season’ the company that scored the most league points will win a company cup. Each of the companies will get a certificate for taking part and there will be a small presentation. There will also be additional grip/racket dampener/ball prizes for ‘most enthusiastic’, ‘most committed’, ‘funniest shot’.

The details

The sessions will take place on Fridays from 12 to 2pm on the tennis courts at Clissold Park.  10 weeks of sessions will run from Friday, June 7th.

The cost is just £50 for 10 weeks of coaching and matchplay, made possible thanks to funding Hackney Tennis has secured from the LTA Seniors Tennis Award. That’s £5 for two hours of tennis for two players from your company each week.

Sign up now!

Take this brilliant proposition to your boss, or if you are the boss promote it among your employees! And don’t waste time to get in touch. For this first season, there is space for only six companies! Click here to take you to our Adult Level 1 Course bookings where you can sign up.

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