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Hackney Tennis is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of its members and users. Everyone connected with Hackney Tennis must show respect and understanding for others. Hackney Tennis Members and Users Members and users of Hackney Tennis are required to abide by the provisions of this Code of Conduct and any subsequent updates as may be in force from time to time.

All Members and users must:

• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person
• Not use bullying or abusive language
• Treat everyone equally and not discriminate on the grounds of age, gender, disability, race, ethnic origin, nationality, colour, parental or marital status, religious belief, class or social background, sexual preference or political belief
• Not condone, or allow to go unchallenged, any form of discrimination if witnessed
• Display high standards of behaviour
• Promote the positive aspects of Tennis e.g. fair play, healthy lifestyle and nutrition, cooperation and team spirit, and sportsmanship
• Encourage all participants to learn the laws and rules and play within them, respecting the decisions of match officials
• Actively discourage unfair play
• Recognise good performance not just match results
• Respect children’s opinions when making decisions about their participation in Tennis
• Report any concerns in relation to a child or vulnerable adult to the Hackney Tennis Welfare Officer

Staff, Directors, and volunteers are bound by the Code of Conduct for Members and Users.

In addition, they must:

• Be diligent in their role
• Treat all people associated with Hackney Tennis, including members, users, volunteers, parents, other staff, external stakeholders and fellow directors with respect
• Attend to their responsibilities and make decisions based on what is best for Hackney Tennis not for individual interest or gain
• Not take advantage of their position on a committee in any way
• Declare any conflicts of interest and act to ensure these conflicts do not pose a risk to the organisation
• Be open to feedback from members and users and respond appropriately
• Act as positive role models with respect to good sporting behaviour
• Always look for opportunities for improved performance of club operations and board functions
• Always represent Hackney Tennis in a professional manner
• Not speak to the media or stakeholders about any aspect of Hackney Tennis that could damage its reputation
• Social media should not be used to defame the organisation or any individual, or bring it into disrepute

Parents and Guardians Parents and Guardians should:
• Encourage their child(ren) to learn the rules of Tennis and play within them
• Discourage unfair play and arguing with officials
• Help their child(ren) recognise good performance not just results
• Never force their child(ren) to participate in Tennis
• Set a good example by recognising fair play and applauding the good performances of opponents
• Never punish or belittle a child for losing or making mistakes during Tennis
• Support their child(ren)’s involvement and help them to enjoy their sport

Hackney Tennis Coaches and Instructors

Coaches are bound by the Code of Conduct for Members and in addition must abide by all of the provisions of the LTA Code of Conduct for coaches. The Tennis Coach should receive appropriate acknowledgement for their contribution to the player’s progress and achievement. Where money is earned from performances, it is reasonable to expect the coach should receive an appropriate share of the rewards.

Such apportionment with any attendant conditions should be agreed in advance, in writing to avoid any misunderstanding.

If you have a complaint or a concern that you wish to raise with Hackney Tennis, please complete a complaint form available at the Pavilion or contact the Head of Tennis or a member of the board of directors. Contact details can be found on the club’s website. Click here for information about the Hackney Tennis Complaints Procedure. Any breach of this Code of Conduct could result in membership being withdrawn or appropriate employment sanctions being taken, at the discretion of the Hackney Tennis Board of Directors.

Agreed by the Hackney Tennis Board of Directors on 21 September 2016

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